E. Honda and wide-leg deadlifts comprised the bulk of my Sumo knowledge until this past weekend at Fitcon 2019.  Katchie and I were killing time before I had to weigh in for a grappling tournament the next day, and decided to check out the Sumo wrestling exhibit.  Long story short, the event promoter talked me in to competing right then and there, and a reporter for a local news channel (Fox 13) overheard the invitation for me to compete and ran a story on my experience!

Lucky for me, they threw me in the “lightweight” category.  Unlucky for me, the Mawashi (the diaper looking thing) is basically a handle for my opponent to off balance me.  I laid a big, fat goose egg and came up 0-2 in the tournament.

There’s probably some connection I can make having to do with trying new things and challenging myself, but my true take away is that it is a pretty fun sport and more technical than it looks.

Cultural appropriation accusations be damned, I have my Halloween costume for 2019!