Ridiculous Supplement Advertisements

Supplement advertising is growing more ridiculous and hyperbolic than ever before. Supplement labels now look like they were designed by a think-tank of Mountain Dew swilling 12 year olds that just got done watching The Expendables. I typically buy my supplements in bulk, so I order every three months or so. Each time I go to reorder, I become increasingly more confused as I peruse the labels of the latest stuff out there. Do I put this stuff in a shaker and drink it like usual, or am I supposed to pour this shit in my gas tank? Maybe feed it to a terrorist?

I started taking supplements when I was about 14, and they looked like this:
supplement twin labs

Times have changed. This is the type of crap we are now subjected to.

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In order to get strong, I need to infuse my body with Sasquatch DNA by way of a plastic explosive laden thermo-nuclear pump agent. WTF? I want to get a little stronger, not a first hand account of Chernobyl!


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