Eliminate Choice

I’ve been on this “eliminate choice” kick, again. Eliminating choice is a mindset that applies if you want to get in great shape, pull off that armbar you haven’t drilled enough, or make money. When I wrote about it before, I referenced prisoners and control. An exerpt:

“Prison heavily restricts choice. Mind and body are all the prisoner has left to control. Some prisoners choose to gain knowledge, some smear feces on the walls, and some work out so damn much they look like comic book heroes. All three choices have to do with control.”

I’ve noticed the guys that look like Captain America in prison often end up looking like Average American once they’ve been paroled for a year. Good food and real women are now a very real, very available choice. A choice many parolees make in lieu of picking a heavy weight off the ground and pressing it overhead. Beer, brats, and boobs prevail over barbells and burpees. As they should, perhaps.

If, however, you want to get in the shape you desire, you need to change your mindset. Change the way you look at choice. A friend left a comment on the last post I wrote on this concept (which I linked above). Here’s the quote: “Make yourself believe that exercise is exactly like brushing your teeth…. you don’t necessarily WANT to brush your teeth, it’s not your ideal activity, but you do it anyway, because it”s necessary.”