Spartan Race 2013 Highlights

The Spartan Race is no joke. Scorching temperatures provided the perfect ambiance as I jumped in mud pits, climbed ropes, carried sand bags and gravel-filled five gallon buckets up hills, scaled impossibly steep never-ending mountains, army crawled over gravel to avoid the barb wire just overhead, and ran/hiked a ton in between all that stuff. As I neared the two hour mark, I rounded a switchback on the trail and was greeted by a sign marked ‘mile 6.’

“Mile SIX??? ****! Two hours in and I’m only halfway done!?”

Lucky for me, I had a couple good cheerleaders that brought me coconut water, gum, encouragement, and snapped a ton of pictures. Also of note, Competitive Edge Fitness represented well. I got second place in the pull up competition, and Arlo got first in the tire flip and second in the slosh pipe press. Not bad!


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