Miles of Hope Invitational 2013

Competitive Edge Fitness put on the 2nd Annual Miles of Hope “Dragon Eagle” Invitational this past Memorial Day. Miles Vigil was a war veteran, jiujitsu stud, and buddy of ours who left this earth well before his time. We scraped together a few bucks, and will be donating it to the Miles of Hope Foundation. This organization helps military personnel and their families receive the best treatment possible in any case scenario.

Miles used to train and workout with our group of friends, so we figured a good way to honor him would be to put ourselves through a hellishly fun workout. Arlo (this year’s winner), Tyler, Matt, Gerald, and I competed in a round-robin jiujitsu tournament, before pulling my 4-Runner across the parking lot “strongman” style. We then farmer walked two 90 lb. dumbbells, big rocks, and other heavy crap across the same parking lot in a grueling, timed race. In a particularly frustrating and silly event, ankle weights were loosely fastened to a gigantic rope, which we repeatedly slammed to the ground with the objective of seeing who could propel the ankle weights furthest down the rope in three minutes. The tournament concluded with the final event, which involved doing overhead presses with the Slosh Pipe, which is a nine foot pipe filled two thirds of the way with water. We hung huge chains on either end of the pipe to unbalance things even further. My wife did a great job impersonating a much prettier version of Vanna White. She served as the official timer, score keeper, and judge (no wonder I didn’t win). 🙂
dragoneagle trophy

Miles would have had fun competing, yesterday. He probably would have won the trophy! Which, by the way, I’m coming for next year Arlo!


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