Brain Waves

I laid awake for a couple hours last night. I couldn’t shut my brain off, no matter how hard I tried. Apparently, that’s the problem. I tried shutting my brain off. Apparently brain waves don’t work that way. This article says I should have meditated. To me, that means counting either my breathing or sheep. I lose patience with that real quick. Last night, I was trying to control the stream of thoughts coursing through my noggin.
The articles says I should have taken a non-directive approach:
“These methods are often described as nondirective, because practitioners do not actively pursue a particular experience or state of mind. They cultivate the ability to tolerate the spontaneous wandering of the mind without getting too much involved. Instead of concentrating on getting away from stressful thought and emotions, you simple let them pass in an effortless way.”

Letting my thoughts flow seems treacherous, especially when I’m trying to sleep. What do I know, though? The internet said to let my thoughts flow rather than control them, so I’ll give that a shot tonight.


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