Just Jump!


Lake Powell, Summer of 1999: I’m at the top of a cliff with four friends.  None of us have jumped.  That cliff was pretty high, and we all wanted somebody else to jump first.  After ten minutes of trash-talk and peering over the edge, something clicked inside my head.  I impulsively bellowed an obscene statement involving a primate, and sprinted off the edge!  The water rushed up to meet me, and it felt amazing.  After I surfaced, I looked up at my four buddies on the cliff.  My advice to them?  “Just jump!”  

Here I am, fourteen years later in the same situation.  Yesterday was my last day at my full time job.  I’m now doing my own thing with a couple buddies.  It’s a hell of a risk!  No guaranteed paycheck.  In fact, it’s 8:24 a.m. and my 8:00 appointment has yet to show up.  No appointment, no paycheck.  With that said, I’m confident we’ll succeed.  As proof of my confidence, I had to tell myself, “Just jump!”  

So I did.  I’m leaving a lot of great people behind.  I have formed solid relationships with many of my clients and coworkers, some of whom really keep me on my toes.  I’ll miss them.  They have taught me a lot, and for that, I’m thankful.    

I’m sure I’ll soon find myself at the precipice of another cliff.  I’ll do well to heed the advice of the 17 year old Killer J.  Just jump.


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