2013 Goal: Relax

my view right now

my view right now

It’s around 1:00 pm on the first day of 2013. I woke up an hour ago and am still in my pj’s. One of my dogs is on my lap next to the laptop, and I’m watching the Capital One Halftime Show. My 2013 goal is to allow myself to relax a little.

Should I be part way through my workday by now? Nah, I’ll get to it tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’ll wake up early, make phone calls, run therapy sessions, talk to caseworkers, appease client’s parents, juggle two and a half jobs, go to family parties, type up treatment documentation, fulfill expectations, meet deadlines, and essentially dedicate 90% of my day to other people.

Today, I’m not doing anything! (cue Bruno Mars)


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