Easy Choice; Hard Road. Hard Choice; Easy Road.

A former client of mine who is a recovering heroin addict often used this maxim to guide his life.   “Easy Choice; Hard Road.  Hard Choice; Easy Road.”  He would use this in reference to the natural human response to maintain the status quo, and not advance our lives. 

It’s much easier to make a choice based on comfort or convenience, but this leads to stagnation at best, and in extreme cases, destruction of our lives.  In order to truly better our lives, we must do stuff that, in the short term, sucks.

Easy Road

Kill a fifth of Jack to numb your problems (easy choice; hard road).  Put down the bottle of booze and deal with life (hard choice; easy road).

Hit the snooze button five more times, stay in your comfy bed, and miss your workout (easy choice; hard road).  Turn off the alarm, put your running shoes on and hit the road (hard choice; easy road). 

Get home from a job you hate, flop on the couch and watch reality shows the rest of the night (easy choice; hard road).  Use some of that free time to develop professionally and educate yourself so you can call your own shots (hard choice; easy road). 



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