Sanctuary of Jiujitsu

Jiujitsu is my sanctuary from stress.  Tension disappears after a good training session.  Most people understand  jiujitsu wipes away my stress, but many misunderstand why.  When I explain the effect jiujitsu has on my mood, people assume my aggressive side becomes satiated once I wreck somebody on the mat.  

not my picture

not my picture

“So when you are pissed about something at work, or at home, you can take out your rage on your training partners, right?”

Wrong.  When I’m grappling,  my sole focus is reacting and responding to my opponent’s movement.  Stress is put on hiatus.  I no longer ruminate on past stress, or things I need to accomplish tomorrow.  I’m truly in the moment.  The experiential nature of jiujitsu, combined with sharing my passion with like-minded friends truly makes jiujitsu my sanctuary.


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