Five Year Anniversary!

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We’ve been together five years!  The magic we experienced the very first time is still just as powerful today.  You rock my world.  You have been there for me when life gets tough, and for that, I am eternally grateful.  Things haven’t always been smooth sailing, though. 

You hurt me nearly every time we are together, but I keep coming back.  I wish you were more like my wife, but you just aren’t.  That’s why you will always be number two, in my book. 

I do love you, though… and I feel like my body moves in rhythm much better than when we started.  I’m always sore afterwards, but the pain just reminds me of our time together.  I’m sure you will always be a part of my life.  Just ease up a little, okay jiu jitsu?


4 thoughts on “Five Year Anniversary!

  1. Ha! Must you always be so crass Mr. Moore? You are a soldier on the mat and I hope you and your number 2 have many more years of happiness in front of you 🙂 glad it’s number 2. You’re number one is a rockstar!

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