Random Jiu Jitsu Thoughts

A few jiu-jitsu-related ideas have been on my mind.

1) It’s been a little over 13 months since I tore my biceps.  I adapted my training and learned new things, but I suffered a long layoff of both training and competition.  Am I better or worse off?

2) Some instructors demand students not train at other gyms.  Other instructors encourage students to train wherever they want.  I think the latter end up with the most retention. 

3) I need to take chances during training if I expect to progress.  I have definitely settled in to a “style” and need to modify my game rather than always rely on my bread and butter.  Knee on belly will be my next obstacle to conquer. 

4) Technique reigns supreme, but you are an idiot if you don’t think strength is important for grappling.  Lift heavy things as a part of your training. 

5) Teach your training partners how to beat you and/or defend your go-to techniques.  You will be forced to adapt your game, and you will get better.

6) Starting “from the knees” is lame.  Midget wrestling teaches nobody anything, and it looks silly.  Start in a position, or if your partner insists on starting from knees then work your guard and try to stop them from passing. 


4 thoughts on “Random Jiu Jitsu Thoughts

  1. I agree KillerJ but training from the knees is just a method in practice to teach you how to balance and use your hip power for beating down an opponent with technique..if we didn’t practise with some traditional methods then we wouldn’t be martial artists..just thugs looking for a street fight. =)

    • I understand that, but in my opinion if one wants to learn how to “balance and use your hip power for beating down an opponent with technique,” then start from standing. How often do people start from knees in a grappling competition, mma fight, or street fight?

      If you don’t want to work your takedowns (which is understandable sometimes), then start in a position that actually occurs during a fight.

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