America Retains Figment of Logic and Reason (Az. Immigration)

Not surprisingly, the Az. immigration law was all but struck down.    The silver, check that… platinum lining is police officers are allowed to check whether or not a criminal belongs in our country.

Before your left-leaning lederhosen bunch up and you feel compelled to reply with some tired drivel about profiling, consider the state in which this law is being implemented.  Arizona is hit pretty hard by the Mexican drug cartels.  This isn’t about cracking down on hard working, immigrant farmers.  The spirit of the law is about kicking illegal drug mules and psychopaths the hell out of our country.

For the record, the day those ridiculous Canadians start piping bath salts in through Washington state and New York in record numbers will be the day Killer J backs those states’ Starbucks swilling, Mac toting populace in enforcing their own border.   Good day!


8 thoughts on “America Retains Figment of Logic and Reason (Az. Immigration)

  1. Well, well, well, would you look at that! After all the arguments and endless, goalless, mindless jabbering about hypothetical situations in which this law could be abused, the Supreme Court, the highest and most respected legal authority in our great country, rules that flat foots in AZ are allowed to say, “SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!!!” Notwithstanding the three of the four major provisions of the law being struck down by the Supreme Court, Arizona’s Governor is touting this as a victory. I have to say, that I completely agree.

    Isn’t it interesting, young master Eric, that the Supreme Court agreed with a mental health therapist rather than an actual lawyer. Hmmm…that’s weird…don’t you think. I wonder if the attorneys providing oral arguments used the same deficient and simple-minded non sequiturs you used to make your argument against me when we discussed this so many months ago. I believe at the end of the debate, you looked to Jeff for verification that you came out on top. Well, I’m no legal expert, but I think the Supreme Court has a little more clout than Jeff when it comes to deciding the winners and losers of legal battles. So…I’m better than you! Na-na Na-na Boo-boo, Stick Your Head in Doo-doo! I’m right, you’re wrong…end of story. My arguments cannot be broken. Scoreboard, Son!

    I find it incumbent on me as a mental health professional to help you gain insight into your maladaptive thinking and behavior patterns. I believe your liberal ideology has effectively neutered your ability to provide sound legal advice to your clients. After all, if a mental health therapist can school you in your own profession on such a hot button topic, how long will it be before you make another blunder with an important client due to your progressive narrow-mindedness? Just know that I’m always here to give you any legal advice you might need.

    By the way, Jeff and I will be throwing a “Show Me Your Papers” party this weekend. The only thing is you have to actually prove that you’re a legal citizen of this country. So, if you like to join us, you can bet all those made up folks in your hypothetical stories won’t be there…LOL!!!

    I’m sure the folks over at MSNBC are seething because of this ruling. I can’t wait to see the look on Rachel Maddow’s smug little face when Obama Care goes down in flames as well. Then again, I shouldn’t be too hard on that little Maddow chap…he’s such a bright young man. Ahhhh Liberalism…Ideas so good they have to be mandated.

    Read em’ and weep, playboy!

    • Shaun, that’s sort of curious that we’re just talking about illegal immigrants and your mind goes straight to drug dealers??? Call me old fashioned for using the Fruedian reference, but it seems like this might be a classic case of projection…LOL

  2. Finally some clarity to a clear as mud situation. I am thrilled that law enforcement now has the “right” (a ridiculous term used by both sides in this whole thing) to check whether a criminal, let me repeat that CRIMINAL is here legally. Why the hell would we spend the hard working American’s tax dollars to keep a criminal in our jails/prisons if they aren’t even supposed to be here in the first place? It’s black and white. If you’re here screwing up the US get your ass back to Cancun. You want to stay and help our economy and try to contribute something bring it on Jośe I’ll sponsor you. “The high court ruled that it’s not a crime for illegal immigrants to seek work.” Pretty clear if you ask me. As far as the ICE officials bitching, find a way to determine the identity of the scum in question and don’t catch and release unless you are confident they aren’t scum. Sound too complicated? Ya I thought so, how about you take your “business as usual attitude” right down to border cross it and stay.

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