A lot of my friends ask me if I do CrossFit.  I usually end up apologizing after shooting them an undeserved scowl.  If you’re a CrossFad junkie, don’t take this as a personal attack.  I’m sure you’re super tough.  My thoughts:


1) Some CrossFit workouts are challenging.

2) You won’t get bored, as you will constantly be doing new things.

3) Fun group atmosphere, which helps with motivation if you have a hard time being self motivated.


1) Olympic lifts are performed for high reps. The power clean, snatch, and clean and jerk are meant to be explosive lifts. Six reps max. CrossFit will have you do as many as 25 reps on these lifts, leading to undue injury risk.
2) Kipping Pull Ups: Give me a #@%ing break. In fact, your shoulders will #@%ing break. Look up “Slap tear.”

3) Under qualified trainers. Not all CrossFit trainers are unqualified, but a lot are. It takes money and just a little bit of time to become certified. A lot of “certified CrossFit trainers” don’t know what the hell they are doing. Unless YOU know what you’re doing, I wouldn’t feel very confident under somebody’s guidance that may have simply shelled out $1000 and spent a few days learning movements that it takes most people years to master.
4) CrossFit engenders a cult mentality, and a sickening air of superiority. It’s actually kind of cute how hardcore they think they are. This can only be experienced to understand it. Go to a couple classes, you’ll see.

Image5) Kipping Pull Ups: Give me a #@%ing break.

6) No progressive periodization! The randomized variety of workouts makes it damn near impossible to track gains, or even make significant gains. Sure, your cardio may improve some. If you’re a novice lifter, your strength will go up. The problem is, anybody that knows shit about shit will say you need periodization. With CrossFit, you may do squats one day for high repetitions, and then not do squats again for four more weeks, and when that day comes, you’ll go heavy on the squats. You won’t gain any significant strength or endurance doing this method. Read “Starting Strength” for a good resource on strength training.

7) Kipping Pull Ups: Give me a #@%ing break.


7 thoughts on “CrossFad

  1. The fads and trends of the fitness industry alternate between sickening and amusing. There is always one cause: money people convince lazy people they need a new product instead of hard work based on sound principles. It really is herd STUPIDITY and those who fall for it, well, it’s time to thin the herd.

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