Self-defeating thoughts are a bitch.  Three and a half years ago, I was defeated before ever stepping on the mat.  Once I actually stepped on the mat, I was promptly defeated.  It was my first tournament at the “intermediate” skill level, and despite the confidence everyone else close to me had in my skill set, I was plagued by doubt.

I went 0-2 that day.  Well, I’m competing in the “advanced” division for the first time two days from now.  I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past three and a half years.  I’ve enjoyed success, and also had my ass handed to me.  The most important lesson I learned is to not over-think.  Just do.  When I’m inside my own head, I hesitate.  I make mistakes.  I worry about disappointing everyone.

I’m not going to do that Saturday.  This post will serve as a forum for me to clear my head.  Once I’m on the mat, my mind will be clear and I’ll ‘just do.’


5 thoughts on “Advanced

  1. A wise, sorry a smart man once told me not to think about it and just go. It was the first time I had added weight to a squats exercise and with that I just went. The results were not only a feeling of accomplishment but also the realization that I over thought a lot in my life and the words “just go”echo anytime I am feel that self doubt coming on. You’ve got this dude. The victory comes WAY before you hit the mat. When you win itll be because you worked your ass off to prepare physically as well as mentally.

  2. Words of wisdom! I love “Don’t over-think. Just do.” And you will do just fine. I agree with guy above, you belong there… you’ve earned it. Kick some ass!

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