Free Agency :: Fat Ass

Seems like a lot of prisoners are muscular, right?  Do you ever think about why? There’s more to the story than an abundance of ‘down time.’  I’m reading “Never Let Go” by Dan John.  In this book, he posits prisoners work out all the time because their physical body is the only thing they have control over.  I agree with Mr. John.  I’ve seen this in my practice as a therapist.

Prison heavily restricts choice.  Mind and body are all the prisoner has left to control.  Some prisoners choose to gain knowledge, some smear feces on the walls, and some work out so damn much they look like comic book heroes.  All three choices have to do with control.

Here’s what I’m getting at.  You, my dear reader, are fat because you have too many choices in life!  Incarcerate yourself.  The mindset of “I don’t have time” is pure rationalization.  You have time, and you have choice.  Too much choice.  Restrict some of that choice.  Drop free agency, pick up a barbell, and press it.


7 thoughts on “Free Agency :: Fat Ass

  1. Amen! The number one thing that I can’t stand to hear is “I don’t have time to workout.” BULL SHIT. There’s always time. Believe me. I have juggled multiple things at a time and have made damn sure that fitness FITS in my schedule, even if it means cutting out my beloved tv time, or lunch, or sleep! There is ALWAYS time. I have a girl friend (fellow bombshell) that is in med school, works full time + over time, has 2 children, a husband, med clinicals, volunteer work, and guess what? She trains like a beast!

    My first trainer said something so simple to me that has stuck with me for years now. “Make yourself believe that exercise is exactly like brushing your teeth…. you don’t necessarily WANT to brush your teeth, it’s not your ideal activity, but you do it anyway, because it”s necessary.”

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