2011 Resolution Review

Here were my resolutions from last year (go here for more detail on these resolutions):

1) Maintain a minimum level of strength during all the grueling endurance training I have ahead of me this year.

Grade: A.  Working out with Arlo at Competitive Edge  made this very achievable.  He draws on a theory called Vertical Integration (Vertigo Intimidation).  If you want a grueling, yet fun workout, pay him a visit.

2) Make an effort to ensure people I am close to know they mean a lot to me.

Grade: F. I give myself the grade of “F” not because I’m some kind of raging asshole, but more because I didn’t make any effort in going beyond my status quo.  Complacency is a goal wrecker.

3) Improve my take downs and take down defense. 

Grade: B.  I competed twice this year, and took down every one of my opponents without giving up a take down.  This should be an A, but since I wrecked my biceps I ended up spending a good chunk of 2011 not working any stand up at all.

4) Become more well rounded in keeping Katchie smiling.

Grade: C. The criteria I’m using are picking up my contributions with house work, and giving random tokens of appreciation.  I don’t think I did one extra chore beyond the status quo, so that knocks my score.  I feel like I did better with the whole tokens of appreciation thing, though.


2 thoughts on “2011 Resolution Review

  1. Very admirable goals : ) I like the part about Katchie. She’s the best and you two work perfectly together. Also I like the words of affirmation bit.

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