“Let Go Of My Flipper!”

About six weeks ago, I went in for a check up on my surgically repaired biceps.  My doctor told me to not do any jiujitsu for at least a few months.  So naturally, I was back on the mat two days after the appointment.  I rationalized that if I could secure my arm in place, my biceps would be safe.  I MacGyvered a jiujitsu friendly arm brace out of my blue belt by wrapping it around my fully bent arm.  The end result looks a bit like a flipper, and I’m very protective over it!  In the past six weeks, I’ve said, “Let Go Of My Flipper!” at least a dozen times.

Rolling with one arm is interesting, as it eliminates the possibility of a few of my go to submissions.  Trying to maintain a base is laughable.  The silver lining is my guard will probably improve, as I’m forced to focus a lot more on hip movement and positioning.





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