The MANhatten Project 2.0

Biceps rehab Déjà vu.  A little over four years ago, I wrote a blog titled The MANhatten Project.  I posted it the day I was cleared to start curling 3 lbs. with the intention of creating a starting line for improving my less than stellar physical condition.  I posted the gratuitous “before” picture, so click on the link above for a good laugh.   Thirteen weeks later, I posted the follow up blog titled The MANhatten Project Revisited, which was after four weeks of rehab and a nine week lifting program.  Decent results.

Here I am again, officially cleared to start curling 3 lbs.  I didn’t bother to take pictures, but rest assured my physique once again resembles melted butter.  Here are my woeful stats:

Weight: 201  Body Fat: 11%  Chest: 43″  Waist: 36″  Arms (unflexed): 13.5″

I won’t be cleared to lift weights or do jiu-jitsu by this doctor until six weeks from now, but I will be doing other types of strength training and running to get in shape for Ragnar Las Vegas.  I’ll do a six week follow up, and then a 12 week follow up with stats to accompany it.


2 thoughts on “The MANhatten Project 2.0

  1. I cant help it I like your flappy arm!!! Or butter as you call it. It’s a great laugh at work!! You rock though even though you start with a womping 3 pounds which are probably pink cause I cant imagine them looking any other way I know soon enough once you flex it wont provide me with the great laugh I have been enjoying so much lately but you will be nice and even again soon enough!!! Good luck my friend. If you need someone to spot you with your pink 3 pound weights i’ve got your back!!!

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