“Civilize The Mind…

but make savage the body.”

An evil dictator said it, but I believe this is the key to success.  Across all demographics, it seems the two traits capable of commanding immediate deference, adoration, and respect are intelligence and physical prowess.  Both traits have genetic influence, but all of us can make strides to amplify what we have.

A keen, educated mind complete with a sharp wit is one hell of an asset.  This gives us the ability to seamlessly navigate our social world and make informed decisions.  In our world today, most everyone recognizes the importance of intelligence as it correlates to success.  No brainer, so to speak.

Physical prowess, however, seems to be dismissed by many in today’s civilized world.  Possessing the ability to deliver a passionate ass whoopin’ is severely under rated in both the social and professional realm.  To be clear, I am NOT advocating throwing punches during a board meeting if things don’t go your way.  What I’m saying, however, is that no matter how advanced our society gets, we are all still animals.  A guy with a thick neck subconsciously triggers respect in those around him.  Throw a cauliflowered ear on our thick-necked Silverback and he’s either immediately admired or feared; maybe both.

Look at Russia’s Vladimir Putin.  He’s a Judo blackbelt, former KGB, sings Opera, and runs a nation.  He is, without a doubt, an Alpha male.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t really like the good ol’ USA.  So, what’s the Killer J solution for America?  We need a guy that exemplifies Mao’s quote, “Civilize the mind, but make savage the body.”  Couture for 2012!

Couture 2012



Bad Biceps: MRI Results

Yup, it’s a tear.  I’ll be in surgery Wednesday.  From there, I know the drill.  I’ll sport an arm brace reminiscent of Robocop, so that’s cool.  The only set back is I’ll be in the dumb thing 10 weeks, and won’t be able to get back to the weight room nor the mat for a couple weeks past that.

I thought these MRI images looked cool.  From what I can tell, I’m pregnant with twins.