Mind Fight

I’m injured.  I think I tore my biceps again; other arm this time.  Good old denial kept my mind (and rational thinking) at bay for a good four days after my injury.  I then started asking advice from friends and loved ones, but as has been said before, ‘advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.’  I’ll be headed to a doctor sometime next week to have it looked at, and could be under the knife soon after.

My body will bounce back eventually, but the trick is winning the mind fight.  My mind is like a cagey fighter, persistently peppering me with stiff jabs of doubt and ridicule.  I’m usually able to slip the blows, but I’ve been getting tagged quite a bit the past couple days and it’s wearing on me.  I think I’ll be fine once I actually have a confirmed diagnosis, as that helped last year when I thought I wrecked my knee.  Even if I get bad news, at least I’ll know what I’m up against.  Then I can win the mind fight.

This is a somewhat depressing post, and I try not to be one of those people that whine online to get validation, so I’ll wrap things up with an awesome picture I stumbled across:


5 thoughts on “Mind Fight

  1. That’s tough man, Injuries are a set-back but we can always bounce back stronger. I have a minor deltoid tear, and my erectors in my lower back are strained all to hell but I have to keep powering through it!! I take a “secret” supplement called Wobenzyme for injuries, it speeds recovery time by 30-50% When you get the prognosis let me know and I can get you some if you want to try it. Best of luck!

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