Purple Belt!

I showed up to class thinking I was going to do a 30 man shark tank; a Westside birthday present.  That means rolling with a fresh dude every minute for 30 minutes.  By itself, that’s a pretty daunting task.  Well, Corey ended up having me do a modified shark tank for an hour, then handed me my purple belt!   It was really cool to have that many people come to Westside to kick my ass.  It’s a sadistic form of support, of which only a few like minded people could understand.

Getting that belt is an awesome feeling, but physically I’m wrecked.  I’ve never felt so weak, exhausted, nor helpless.  I feel a lot like I just got dumped out of a giant washing machine filled with sweaty dudes, boulders, and fire.  Spin cycle, for sure.  Thank you Corey for all the training (and the belt), thank you Ben for dragging all your guys down to kill me, and thank you to all my long time training partners.  That was a hell of a ride!


4 thoughts on “Purple Belt!

  1. Wow! I’m out for a little while and you get purple. Now when I come back you are really going to stomp me. Well done! You deserved it. 🙂

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