JiuJitsu Lyrics

Disclaimer: Killer J is fully aware he’ll never make it in the rap game, nor does he want to.  Let this post serve as a reboot for Killer J to begin writing again.  The following is what Killer J managed to compose on an MMA forum’s thread aptly titled, “JiuJitsu Lyrics.”

I smoke blokes with chokes like Guillard does coke,
Crowd folks stoked I go for broke then you croak
Jiu Jitsu game deep like the voice of Tone Loc
Wake up! Here’s a poke, now off the mat you joke.

Working calf cutters like a knife through butter
Armbars quick, no stutter, even Rickson shutters
You better off with a glock than risk my leg locks
Ladies flock to this block’s top jiu-jitsu stock

Snatch arms from any spot, Kimura game’s on lock
This joint poppin’ genius is jiujitsu’s Mr. Spock: white like chalk.
Snap your shoulder like Tony Romo, you in my promo.
Your game is so so, I’ll take your back in slow mo,
no homo, just solo.


Now all I need is:


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