2011 New Year Resolutions

2011 New Year Resolutions! I’ll grade myself at the end of the year.  Anybody else is welcome to put their resolutions on the Killer J site for all to see.

1) Maintain a minimum level of strength during all the grueling endurance training I have ahead of me this year. Between the months of April and September, I plan on doing two jiujitsu tournaments and two relay races.  I have to avoid muscle catabolism while improving endurance.  PLAN: I will do this by hitting the weights no less than twice per week and keeping my calorie and supplement intake high.

2) Make an effort to ensure people I am close to know they mean a lot to me. Miles had a way of doing this, and I want to replicate it.  PLAN: I will do what is within my power to lighten whatever burden I anticipate friends and family are carrying.

3) Improve my take downs and take down defense. This has been an ongoing goal from about the middle of last year.  I have made improvements, but am far from proficient.  PLAN: During training, I will start no less than half my matches from standing.

4) Become more well rounded in keeping Katchie smiling. I like the 5 Love Languages as a tool for making relationships work.  If left unchecked, it can be easy to get lazy.  I think I am weakest in the areas: receiving gifts and acts of service. PLAN: I will start doing more around the house (starting with my own chores I already neglect).  Also, I will be more frequent with “tokens of appreciation.”


3 thoughts on “2011 New Year Resolutions

  1. Jeff! I want to help you with 1, 2, and 3! I’ll give you a shout. Also really like the 5 love languages. Amanda and I have that book too and it’s awesome. Love the resolutions!

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