Review: My 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

I made resolutions last year.  If you made resolutions, post your resolution and then grade yourself!  Here is my grade break down of my adherence to the resolutions I made.

1) I won’t force myself to train through injuries or sickness.  Unless I’m feeling at least 85%, I will recuperate.

I get an A on this one.  I’m seriously proud of myself.  When injured, it takes every bit of discipline I have to not go balls to the wall even more than when I’m healthy.  I had an illness, knee injury, and tightness in my shoulder this  year, and held back pretty well.  Long enough to get back to 85% at least.

2) I will get at least two tournament victories at the Intermediate Skill level.

Solid A.  I got 6 victories at the Intermediate level.  To be clear, I don’t mean I WON 6 tournaments.  I won six matches spread among three tournaments, earning two second place finishes and one third place finish.  I still have a LOT to learn in this sport, even at the intermediate level.

3) I will get Emotional Fitness Rehabilitation (my psychotherapeutic creation) published in an academic journal.

C. This goal wasn’t completely neglected, just put on the back burner a little.  We are submitting the final version to a journal sometime in January.  Whether or not it becomes accepted is another story.

4) Same as last year, I will reserve Friday nights for my beautiful wife.

I get a B here.  Most Fridays have been just Katchie and I.  With that said, I have worked late on Fridays quite a few times this year.

Your turn.  Grade yourself!


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