Memphis Review

I visited my wife’s family in Memphis for Christmas.  I had an awesome time with the family, but I thought I’d do a review of the places we went instead of discussing the festivities.

Place: Thrifty Car Rental

Pros: We rode down to Memphis in a gigantic, brand new, Expedition.  This is the only way to do a 24 hour road trip (aside from a fully stocked camper).

Cons: Customer service was abysmal.  Front desk gave me a LOT of attitude, and over-drafted my account by billing me incorrectly.

Grade: D.  I just can’t get past the fact that the manager who was “helping” me got frustrated and left in the middle of our conversation, turning responsibilities over to a dude in a UPS shirt.  Next year we’ll go Enterprise; I hear they’ll pick me up.

Place: Commissary BBQ

Pros: Great, smoky BBQ.  Excellent ribs. Nice selection of sauce.  Company catch phrase: “So good yu’ll slap yo’ mama.”

Cons: Waiter was a dick.  Acted put out and aloof.

Grade: B. The food made up for the waiter.

good smoke flavor

Place: Corky’s BBQ

Pros: Excellent BBQ sauce.  I’d put it over Commissary by just a fraction.  Excellent potato salad.

Cons: None.

Grade: A


Place: Memphis Judo and Jiu-Jitsu

Pros: Everyone I rolled with was good.  A guy named Virg taught the class, and he was super friendly.

Cons: The place was torn apart, but that’s because they’re moving in to a 24,000 sq. foot facility after Jan. 3rd.  Bad ass!

Grade: A

Good place to train.


Pros: Awesome greasy dive.  Everything is deep fried, even twinkies (which I had).  The burger made a list called “7 Hamburgers of the Apocalypse.”  They haven’t changed the grease they use to cook with since 1912 (seriously).

Cons: They haven’t changed grease they use to cook with since 1912.

Grade: B

Even the air in the restaurant is infused with calories

Place: Taco Johns or Steak and Shake

Pros: None

Con: Everything

Grade: Die in a fire.

Die in a fire


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