Exercise Advice

I happily oblige most anybody asking me exercise advice.  I’m only annoyed when asked by the same twit over and over, but he never attempts what I tell him.  It’s as if he believes that by repetitively asking, he will somehow achieve a state of musclehead deliverance.  Since verbal osmosis does not produce a DragonEagle, this porcine putz’s gut grows greatly, as does my irritation in answering his aimless questions!

I think I’ll start an “Exercise Advice Bank” for such people.  Here’s my advice for deadlifts:

1 Double the weight you’re used to using.
2 Approach the bar, staggering one foot six inches behind the other.
3 Start with the bar a good 2.5 to 3 feet from your shins.
4 Grasp the bar with both hands less than one inch from one another while keeping plenty of slack in the elbow joint. You don’t want your arms extended prior to starting the lift.
5 Round your back like an angry cat.  Really focus on making your back resemble a lower case “n” prior to attempting the lift.
6 Breathe in deeply, then exhale all air out of lungs.
7 Explode upwards violently in a twisting, arcing motion. It’s important to let your elbow joints come to a jerking halt as your arms extend forcefully and suddenly.
8 To finish the lift, this portion of the technique most occur simultaneously: Focus on trying to rotate the barbell in a clockwise direction whilst vigorously wrenching your body the opposite direction.
9 Drop the bar, and repeat.

I promise you’ll really “feel it” the next day!


3 thoughts on “Exercise Advice

  1. Great advice, Jeff! Thanks for the tips. I love the “Round your back like an angry cat!” I “lol’d”, yet, got the complete picture of how my back should be.

    I feel you on the aimless questions. I get those all of the time, “What should I eat?”, “What workouts can I do for this…” and then they make no effort to follow through. Then a week later… “Hey! Sooo what should I eat???!!” hahaha. LAME.

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