I have my mojo back… Not the played out Austin Powers term, rather, me getting back to my old self.  I have had little interest in jiujitsu and weight lifting the last few weeks.  If you know me even a little, you know this is bizarre.  My workouts have been lackadaisical, and my skill set on the mat has been non-existent.  I guess grief has that effect on most people, and I’m not excluded.

Well, I’m on the rebound and it’s a good feeling.  I hit a personal record on deadlifts last week (385 for five reps), and just got back from a decent night of jiujitsu.  I was having fun again, and as a result, had a better night!  Now if I can get my aching neck, jacked up right shoulder, and creaky left knee to cooperate with my mojo, I’ll be set.



9 thoughts on “Mojo

  1. Jeff I think your amazing!!! We all get off track sometimes but I’m glad your back on! If you ever want someone awesome to workout with to shake things up,give me a call!!! 🙂

    • Blake (Gokor), I was ducking you buddy. I didn’t want to dampen my fun with one of your damn leg locks.

      Tara, I may take you up on that! If you’re still doing Ogden marathon, we could get some running time in together. I’m doing Ragnar in June.

      • Duck Blake but call me out….Lookin for the Easy win hu?….Note to self, work extra hard so that I may SMASH the ninja aka Bravo Tango!!

  2. Oh good. I was worried for a minute that you thought our workout last week was lackadaisical! Then I read about your pr dead-lift. 🙂 Great to have you back dragon eagle!

  3. Great Job Man!! Lets see 405 for 6 reps in January! I will come up this spring for a couple days, I’ll look you up for a hard weight training session!

  4. Tyler, you will not smash this ginger ninja in the month of January.
    Arlo, our workouts are never lackadaisical. That should go without saying bro!
    Justin, I’m on that goal for sure.
    Jason, I never go on Tuesday. Monday, Thursday, and Saturday are the days I go.

  5. Yep I’m still running so lets do it!!!! I’m voluntering for you guys on this ragnar so I can be on it the next year!!! I’ve been working out so much more lately that I really think it’d be fun to do it with you again you give me an extra puch so just let me know!!!

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