Forging Ahead, But Never Forgetting

Today should be my first day back in the gi since Miles passed.  I literally have no interest in jiu jitsu right now.  I’ve specifically avoided going to gi class.  The only gi I have was given to me by Miles.  He was sick of seeing my in my weathered, oversized, plain white judo loaner gi, and gave me one of his.  Wearing it now will be a constant reminder. 

 I love the sport, but the motivation to train seems to have been sapped from me.  This tells me I need to train now, more than ever.  I can forge ahead and continue with jiu jitsu, but never forget Miles by sporting the gi.  Also, I have to get good at the baseball bat choke.  It was the last move he showed me!


3 thoughts on “Forging Ahead, But Never Forgetting

  1. Well said brother. Wear his Gi with honor and remember all he stood for.

    Motivation is a tricky thing, sometimes when you want it the most you can’t find it. I know for me, when I feel like that it usually means I need to find a different reason to be motivated. Good luck, I am sure you will find a new motivation to do jui jitsu.

  2. Come roll with me any time you’re lacking motivation; it’s probably my only chance. I’m getting pretty good at that Miles baseball bat choke too!

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