My friend, Miles

I want to write something to you that will capture my love for you as a friend and jiu-jitsu brother.  There is a lot I wish I could have said to you before you passed and want to tell you right now.  In the two plus years we’ve been friends, you quickly became an important person in my life.  Two years isn’t a long time in the grand scheme of things, but we forged bonds on the mat that people outside of this sport might not fully understand.  We flipped big ass tires, hit them with sledge hammers and called ourselves DragonEagles.  You quickly and seamlessly fit in with our group of friends, in that you could always be found at our parties and at fight night.  My wife frequently called you one of her “favorite people,” and double dates were always a blast.  I know you care about my wife and value her friendship as well; something of utmost importance to me.

We have had some incredibly competitive matches during training until we put the gi on, at which point you smoke me.  We have shared laughs (“For the record, I’m not looking”), and had good conversations about any and everything.  You are a genuine, hilarious, trustworthy, intelligent, disciplined man, but more importantly, an incredible friend.  I will never forget you and the impact you have had on my life.  The tears in my eyes and the lump in my throat aren’t any fun, but it does tell me how much you mean to me.  Rest in peace, buddy.



4 thoughts on “My friend, Miles

  1. Well said Jeff. Very sorry you’ve lost such a great person in your life. I wish I got to know Miles better. He always made me laugh, and was a great person to be around.

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