Profiling: An Ethical Solution?

Body Scan

X-Ray vision goggles and  a license to grope hot chicks is a 14 year old’s dream, not a rational solution to airport security.  I’m not opposed to body scans for privacy reasons, rather, I’m annoyed I can’t get a tax write off for boosting TSA’s morale as they gaze at my Adonis-like form.  Nevertheless, most of the population prefers personal privacy and wants to avoid the possibility of a pedophilic pervert leering at their kids.  Rightfully so.

Now look, a lot of people’s ethics are based in Utilitarianism; the greatest good for the greatest amount of people.  TSA is making everyone miserable.  Not ethical.  Profiling, however, only makes a few people miserable and is probably just as effective in terms of security.

My name is Killer J, and I approve of this message.


10 thoughts on “Profiling: An Ethical Solution?

  1. So, here is the thing. I am completely good with profiling. Of behavior. Is this person traveling alone at the last minute without luggage and paid in cash… hummm … maybe we should look more closely at this person.

    The above example is used to detect possible drug mules, but I am sure that there is someone out there who can find a set of criteria that could be used to select people for more “enhanced” search techniques.

    Just sayin.

  2. Goons! This crap is all about training us to submit. Nothing is more terrifying than a government with no check on its power. These “terrorists” are the CIA. Watch and see what comes next.

  3. Wow, so many assumptions in this post. I’ll tackle the main one though. You really want to use utilitarianism to defeat body scans? The utilitarian could just easily reply that people at the airport are miserable, but it’s for the overall good of America. Therefore, we need body scans. I think a better route is to stick with morality as a rights issue.

  4. seems like rather than having a human observing the results of a body scan they could easily have this entire process controlled by a computer so nobody sees anything unless there is a red flag on a particular individual. A lot of people would argue that the computer could be hacked or whatever, but i can guarantee you it would be less prone to issues than a human being.

    Humans are very prone to error and corruption. This is why i prefer index funds for investment rather than mutual funds managed by some human being. They charge more to make me less.

  5. Maybe employ Hammurabi tactics: eye for an eye, balls for a boob.

    What if the person watching the scanner was naked? What if a predetermined zone was set up within the airport called the “fun bag free for all,” and everybody could grope everybody? TSA vs. Citizens!

    • Oh, totally in favor of that!

      “I’ll search your cavaties if you search mine”

      “I’ve hid an easter egg in one of my orfices, you’ll have to find out which one”

      On one condition: global introduction, from Kansas City to Kabul and from Tucson to Teheran…

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