Fighting is a Team Sport

Alone  in the ring, on the mat, or in the cage… You’re squared up against just one other.  You must rely on your skill set, game plan, and conditioning to best this person.  After the fight, there is one winner and one loser.  Scripted like this, fighting appears to be a solo effort.  This script was likely not written by a fighter.

Instructors and training partners vicariously share in both victory and defeat.  They prepare you by shoring up weaknesses, fine tuning strengths, and pushing your mental and physical limits.  They offer encouragement, insight, and measured doses of humility, delivered through either a sound ass whipping or the seemingly obligatory, good natured trash talking during practice.  Win or lose, you can bet your instructors and training partners are emotionally invested in the outcome and you owe them some credit for your victory (any losses are on you though, sucka!).

My Team

Fighting is a team sport. I have good training partners, and great instructors!


4 thoughts on “Fighting is a Team Sport

  1. it is a team sport because off the best team in utah i train hard fight hard and finish fast everybody i train with bring every element to the table it makes the people i fight loose before i even get in the cage and and me win my fights before i even get my hands taped

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