Utah Champion Submission Challenge XV: Registered

I’m officially registered for the Utah Champion tournament on Nov. 13th.  This tournament is about testing myself, but more so, about overcoming the mental obstacle the Utah Champion tournaments have plagued me with.  Here’s a time line of my experience with this tournament:

March 2009: Withdrew due to injury (forehead split by Cody’s knee 9 days before tournament)

June 2009: Went 0-2.  First time at intermediate skill level; I got worked over.

August 2009: Withdrew due to injury (severely jacked my big toe during training one week before tournament)

November 2009: Planned on it, but didn’t even register due to sickness and skin infection (had the flu and impetigo at the same time)

March 2010: Didn’t even plan on this one; I didn’t want to jinx myself before the tournament in Boise!

July 2010: Was in Cabo San Lucas!  No regrets there.

I’m already feeling quite a bit of anxiety.  More anxiety than I typically experience before a tournament.  I’m not a superstitious guy, but my run of bad outcomes has me on edge.  I’m almost expecting either an injury or an ass kicking.  This tells me I need to do this tournament more than ever.  Proper training, conditioning, and a strong sense of trust in my technique will be carry me to victory.



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