Foley’s vs. Westside Results and Pros/Cons

Westside retains the Skull once again, but it felt a lot closer this year.  The official score was 48 to 38.  As for my performance, I am happy with myself.  I managed to get second place in my division; ultimately winning three matches by submission and losing in the finals on points.  It was a good confidence booster for upcoming tournaments!  Here’s some personal pros and cons.


  • Wrestling has improved
  • All victories by submission
  • Competed with heavyweights at 204 lbs

  • Wrestling hasn’t improved enough
  • Victories were against Westside guys
  • Ended up with black eye (thanks Zach! 🙂 )









7 thoughts on “Foley’s vs. Westside Results and Pros/Cons

  1. I kinda helped make those divisions. You were in the toughest one there and did exceptionally well. You should be very proud. …………Although, it would be nice if you quit learning so fast and let me catch up just a little.

  2. Thanks Blake and John! Blake, you are an absolute bad ass for medaling in your tournament. I hope you write something about it. John, why do you have to go and put me in with the big boys? Messed up man. 🙂

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