Balance: Strength, Jiu-Jitsu, and Endurance

I discovered heart breaking news today.  My one rep max on bench press has dipped to the low 300’s.  The training I did for the RRR-race and tournament training for jiu-jitsu have rendered me an emasculated sap.  I haven’t been this weak since my freshman year in college.

Jeff Illustrated

Jiu-jitsu is definitely my new passion, even more so than strength training.  That being said, I have to have standards.  I have to have balance.  I will find a way to get my bench back around the 350 mark while maintaining my jiu jitsu training.  The running will have to be put on the sideline for now.

I initially balked at the idea of actually posting this.  I know whining about my bench being barely above 300 seems like an insidious way for me to boast a decent level of strength.  Take it how you will, I have standards and I’m putting them out for the world to see (or, at least my 2 or 3 readers).


6 thoughts on “Balance: Strength, Jiu-Jitsu, and Endurance

  1. WHAT!!! LOW 300’S!!!!!!!!! You know, I float around in life thinking everything is normal and okay…..Then you drop a bomb like this!! lol

    I realize you addressed this, but 300 lbs on a bench is pretty damn good for someone of your weight. Your still a beast in my eyes!

  2. Low 300s! That’s pathetic. Get with it killer J! (There, how’s that for a response – is that what you’re looking for?) Though you shouldn’t give up running yet. You’ve a 5 minute mile to run.

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