Red Rock Relay Results

186 miles.  Our 11 person team conquered the distance, but not without one hell of a gut check.  We fought the course for a day and a half, with each runner taking on three legs composed of several miles (Mace ran double this amount) on little to no sleep.   Most of us were fueled by protein bars, shakes, supplements, a snot-like substance aptly named “Goo,” and the occasional sandwich, but it bears mentioning Kody subsisted on Dr. Pepper, McDonald’s, and chewing tobacco (which he’d use DURING his run).

I’m proud of our team, and I’m quite happy with my own effort as well.  I ran a total of 19.3 miles in that 1.5 day span, which nearly equals the one week total I had put in to training for the race.  I traversed the most gorgeous settings Utah has to offer, including a 1700 foot descent through Cedar Breaks, a spectacular night run featuring a stunningly starry sky, and a brutal 8.3 mile trek towards the beautiful cliffs of Zion in sweltering heat.

It was incredible, but I’m definitely paying for my efforts.  My legs feel as though they’ve been worked over by a baseball bat-wielding goon, my feet are so blistered they look like I have them packaged in bubble wrap, my stomach has been tied in a square knot, and my back is cramped from sitting in the damn van between my runs.  You would think I’d never worked out a day in my life!  With that being said, I’m definitely coming back for more.  Running is a new hobby.


5 thoughts on “Red Rock Relay Results

  1. New Hobby? Running…….? What has mace done to you? Look watching Forest Gump is unforgetable, but that doesn’t mean you have to try and recreate his efforts. In the end Running should be reserved for getting out of work before your boss figures out you are leaving, or rushing to make a offering to the toilet bowl. Thank you and good night!

  2. Glad you survived! I think I’m going to put together a team for Red Rocks next year. I would love to do the Ragnar Wasatch Back, but it’s already sold out! (So if you hear of a team looking for an extra girl, let me know).

    You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Don’t be forgetting you already have a jiu jitsu hobby. We need the ginja ninja to train with more than Mace needs a running buddy!

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