It’s the Shoes!

Saucony Pro Grid Guide 3

I finally caved and bought some running shoes at Strider’s.  The pair of shoes I had been running in were close to two years old.  Constant peer pressure aimed at getting me to ditch my haggard, old, Nike’s finally worked.  I was skeptical, until I put them on.  WoW!  I can’t describe how awesome they feel.  My buddy Kody can, though.  At risk of offending the few female readers I have, I’ll steal Kody’s description after having recently bought a pair as well.  Kody described the sensation as, “walking on tits.”  I agree! Well, I can at least imagine…

Anyway, I shaved one minute off my five mile run time from just two days ago and had way more energy to spare at the end.  I ran (not jogged) the last half mile, and was still good to go.


One thought on “It’s the Shoes!

  1. I also have running shoes from Striders…yes definitly running on tits!!!! Ha Ha!!! Did you throw out YHA cause they give you a discount!!! I’m so excited for our relay and just the mear fact that I get to hang out with you since I never see you anymore!!!!

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