Red Rock Relay: My 3 Legs

The Red Rock Relay is about one month away.

When we first picked our legs, I had 11 cumulative miles to conquer.  Now, I have 17.2!  I will pick up my training.  Here are the three legs:

Leg 11 “Cedar Descent 2”

Woods Ranch to Right Hand Turn

Distance: 6.5 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Safety: Use caution when running on SR 14 vehicle traffic will be slowed but still be cautious and stay on the shoulder. REFLECTIVE VEST REQUIRED

Description: The descent continues on the approach to Cedar City. Like its predecessor it is all downhill and a great chance to bust out that sub 40 minute 10k you’ve always wanted. The canyon scenery continues as you blaze down to Cedar City below. If you are feeling the urge to yodel don’t hold back… just let it happen.

Leg 23 “Pine Valley Push”

Mountain Meadows to Marathon Start

Distance: 4.5 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Safety: Traffic very minimal but be cautious as this entire section will be run at night.

Description: Time to say goodbye to the Pine Valley mountains. This is an elevation dropper on the way to Veyo and the start location of the St. George Marathon. The crisp night air will flow as you blaze 5 minute miles to the heart of Red Rock country beckoning below. Ends at the large shoulder where the SG Marathon starts.

Leg 35 “Behold Zion”

Church to Pull off

Distance: 6.2 miles

Difficulty: Hard

Safety: Fast road, stay on the shoulder and use caution. It is also going to be hot.

Description: You will run the roads that parallel the Virgin River draining out of Zion National Park. The looming Zion cliffs in the distance will call you on to the finish of this final epic leg. Soak it all in because these 6 miles trace the heart of Red Rock country. Finish strong and prepare for a glorious finish with you teammates.


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