The Serial Killer, Gold, and Jiu Jitsu’s Dim Mak

Hyperbolic title aside, these three things vaguely sum up my recent absence from posting.

  1. The serial killer has sapped most of my free time.  Dexter is simply the best show on television, and has dominated my life since I discovered it.  Most of us don’t kill, yet almost all can relate to the facade.  I believe this is the appeal.  That, and he knows jiu jitsu!
  2. As far as gold goes, I obtained a small melted lump in a secluded parking lot from a man known only as “Chip.”  I arrived in the lot at our prearranged meeting time.  A few minutes later,  Chip pulled up and surreptitiously produced the lump, a scale, and a story detailing his acquisition of the gold from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Seems legit.  Sold.
  3. Dim Mak is the Death Touch; the legendary, unstoppable martial arts technique that dispatches opponents to the after-world with seemingly less-than-lethal force.  I thought it was fake, until Dim Mak was repeatedly applied on my neck courtesy of a training partner.  There is no escape.  There is no counter.  Only the inevitable.  Luckily, death isn’t the end result, just predetermined surrender.

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