Hell or High Water

I’m going back to jiujitsu tomorrow night, come hell or high water.  Medical advice influenced my decision of course, in that my MRI came back negative.  I was ecstatic the rest of the day.  The doc said the meniscus isn’t torn, so I asked why it it made the snap, crackle, pop if nothing was wrong.  He said there is a 90% chance I’m in the clear of a tear, but if things don’t improve I may be in that 10% the MRI doesn’t pick up.

He says I have an inflamed Popliteal Tendon, or something of the sort.  I can handle inflammation.  Hell, even if it is torn I’m still getting back on the mat tomorrow.  I’ll limit myself to drilling, or maybe do some tempo.  My instructor, Corey, says I don’t know how to do tempo for shit.  Now’s the time to learn I guess.

Anyway, I’m back in action baby!


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