Grapplesock Featured Fighter

GrappleSock has me listed as a featured fighter!  I’m joined by the likes of Demian Maia, Joe Stevenson, Tyson Griffin, and Marcus Davis, except my name is simply listed as “Jeff.”  That’s right, folks, I’ve arrived.  Chuck, Tito, Wanderlei, Royce, Fedor, and Jeff; MMA legends in no need of a last name for public recognition.

In all seriousness, this run-of-the-mill blue belt has no delusions of grandeur.  GrappleSock just happens to be an excellent company that generates a great product.  They hooked me up with a rash guard after one of their reps read a positive review I wrote on Sherdog.  Since then, I’ve pushed their product whenever possible due to the timely customer service and the performance of the sock itself.  I sent the picture of me sporting grapplesocks, their rashguard, and a bronze medal from the Boise tournament to them, and they asked if they could list me as a featured fighter.  So, that’s the story.

Thanks GrappleSock!


6 thoughts on “Grapplesock Featured Fighter

  1. No surprize. You are a bad ass! They are just trying to get in while the getting is good. Soon companys will be having to deal
    through your agent. Congratulations Jeff. That is cool.

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