Snap…Crackle… “DAMN! Not Again”

Typing this post should serve as a distraction while my knee numbs up. My legs are propped up on the desk, one of which is wrapped with an ice bag.  Yup, the injury bug bit again.  It’s been several months, so I suppose I’m due.

I was rolling with Miles (DragonEagle) about forty-five minutes ago, and tried to hit a calf slicer on him.  Before I could finish the submission, Miles (DragonEagle) defended by extending his leg.  Something that simple, and my knee made that nauseating crackling sound.  Miles (DragonEagle) said it sounded like ripping Styrofoam, which he says is good because it didn’t sound like a ligament popping.

The good news is I can walk on it with minimal pain, so Miles (DragonEagle) is probably right.  It feels loose, though, and does cause some pain when moved at certain angles.  Also, when I squat down, it makes a pretty sweet crackling sound.  Due to this, I listened to my body for once and went home without trying to push myself further.  Listening to my body was actually a New Years Resolution of mine, so I’m pretty happy I didn’t try to tough it out like I usually do.

Now, I just have to keep an eye on it and decide when to go back to jiu jitsu.  Monday?  Most likely.


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