Psychological Profile of Ethan Stacy’s Killers

Four year old Ethan Stacy’s mother and step-father savagely beat and brutalized him for weeks prior to murdering, desecrating, and burying his body.  When people commit horrendous crimes like this, people in my field are asked to explain what could have been going through the perpetrator’s mind.

I work with both juvenile and adult sex offenders, therefore, I have a decent understanding of the criminal mind.  Cases like this, however, are beyond me.  Sure, I could generate theories:

  1. Ethan was turned in to the scapegoat for the couple’s problems.
  2. The step-father displaced his anger from other life stress on to Ethan.
  3. Ethan became a reminder to his step-father that there were other men before him in his wife’s life, putting him in to a jealous rage.
  4. The couple both suffered from some form of psychosis, like Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality disorder), or Paranoid Schizophrenia, and proceeded to have a psychotic break.

Some of the above theories may get thrown around as possible explanations, but to me, I don’t buy it. I am becoming more convinced that genuine evil does exist.  I don’t want to hear a psychological profile for Ethan Stacy’s killers.  If I were to luck out and be asked to provide therapy for this couple, my treatment plan would follow Hammurabi’s Code.


5 thoughts on “Psychological Profile of Ethan Stacy’s Killers

  1. I agree man. I mean sure people might have problems, but sometimes people are just plan fucked up and evil…..maybe that’s why the have the problems that they do have. I guess we have to follow the process of the law, but I say we just shoot the evil bastards and be done with it, save the tax payers a bunch of money and undue grief!

  2. Jeff this whole thing is just killing me!!! It breaks my heart that their truely is this kind of evil out there. It’s making me feel lost that if there is a God, how can he let things like this happen? Yes I guess we learn from it. It brings good people closer together but Eathan didn’t deserve this, to teach us all a life lesson. Your right the true explanation is just evil. I believe in Psychology and treament but people also use it as an excuse. Fuck giving people like this a fair trial and all that bullshit! It is a waist of time and money. These people deserve to die and feel what Ethan felt. Thats justice.

  3. Look, there is a segment of the population that we would all be better without. Some people cannot be rehabilitated. It is not PC of me, but I fully believe that the death penalty is a good system and my only complaint it the process needs to be sped up to get to the conclusion.

    I compare it to a rabid dog. It does not necessarily prevent others from committing that crime (one of the arguments against the death penalty). That being said, it does keep that individual(s) from doing this to anyone else.

    I include the mother in this rant because she chose a evil man over he own child. THis person should not be trusted to care for a plant much less the chance that she could eventually be in the car of someone else.

    I agree evil does exhist. Nothing will change the evil that some do. They choose their path and no excuse should be used for them. They knew killing ( and standing by while someone was slowly killed) was wrong but continued with that aciton. Any “trauma” they had in their lives or mental illnesses had no effect. They tried to hide what they had done. This is not the action of someone who did not know what they did was wrong.

    The inabiltiy to understand right from wrong is the only defense that I might buy. But that leads us back to the mad dog argument. I dont know if people who cannot understand right from wrong should be killed, but they should be kept far away from the rest of us. Not in a cushy institution, they can be kept locked in a room until they die of natural causes. They do not need treatment, school, social workers (sorry Jeff) or any other such program. This keeps them from costing too much. They are broken and normal society should be protected from them.

    To close, these “people” (could not think of a non vulgar way to identify them) are , in fact, EVIL. We should be protected from them. Much as the courts should have protected this child. He was safe in VA and over the protests of a father, that this child thrived under his care, was sent to sadistic mother and step father that killed him slowly starting almost as soon as the child arrived in Utah.

    Quit with the huggy feely we can fix them even bad parents should have access to their children society we have become. We need to have the strenth to call a spade a spade.


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