Northwest Submission Challenge: Bronze

Results: As a team, Westside JiuJitsu won GOLD!  We had an awesome showing.  I got the Bronze medal in my division (Intermediate skill, 171-190 lbs). 🙂 In the absolute division, I didn’t fare as well. 😦 

What I Learned:  I need to work on my take downs and take down defense.  Wrestlers give me fits; always have.  I wasn’t able to impose my game the way I’d like, and need to shore  this up before the next tournament.  I also need to continue developing my ability to submit and sweep from my back.

What I Did Well: I stayed fairly calm, for a tournament.  I also stayed fairly active from my back, as I tried to sweep or sub and not stall out.  I came in great shape, which compensated for the inevitable adrenaline dump.  Even though I had to do a little time in the sauna to make weight, I was in top form physically.  The final thing I believe I did well was finish my bronze medal match with an arm lock.  The video below shows this match, although it’s tough to make out what’s going on.

Thanks: Katchie, for being a patient, awesome, supporting wife!  Westside Mark and Corey, for excellent instruction.  My training partners, for kicking my ass.  Tren Long, for putting an awesome competition together two years running.  Grapplesock, for hooking the Ginga Ninja up with the sweet rash guard! 


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