What’s This Blog About Anyway?

…or what SHOULD this blog be about?  Vote in my poll after you read me.  My buddy Shaun pointed out all my posts are about jiujitsu lately.  I used to hammer out political and/or philosophical stuff all the time, which is his main interest.  I’m not sure why I stopped with the politics, other than I have no interest in it right now.  You’d think an Independent Conservative like me would have a hey day bashing Barry O. and his Hench-witch Pelosi, as well as Republican centerfolds like the preposterous, yet bound for candidacy, Palin.

Nope, just can’t get up for it.  There was a time when my idealism fueled tangential rants on a daily basis, but I’ve been utterly deflated of passion by our impotent, incompetent two-party system.  So, why do you stop by Killer J?


5 thoughts on “What’s This Blog About Anyway?

  1. Politics are a good discussion topic bro. But whatever is flowing through your mind is always good. I cite this blog in papers sometimes.. Ok I made that up

  2. Politics and Jiu Jitsu….like how cool it would be to choke-out Mitt Romney. Or to be in Sarah Palin’s guard for 15 minutes or so.

  3. Since when do you ask for opinions? I guess the Jeff that wrote this and the Jeff I know are somewhat different people. Change is good. And inevitable. For example I suppose in 6 years you will be different than you are today.

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