Tournament Training: Northwest Submission Challenge

Yesterday’s Pain in the Parking Lot was the last day of intense physical preparation, and today was the last day of intense training before I compete in the Northwest Submission Challenge. I am physically and mentally spent, yet content.  Yesterday’s workout consisted of two sets of seven grueling stations, trying to tear a phone book, and then flipping Big Bertha 144 times.

We flipped this damn thing 144 times each!!!

Today, I rolled with a few buddies.  It felt close to competition speed, and I did decent.  I won some, lost some, and learned a bit.  Right before I went, I was surfing Aesopian’s website (a good jiu-jitsu resource) and rediscovered the D’arce (Brabo) choke.  Corey has showed me this more than once, but I haven’t used it for a while.  Well, I read up and actually hit this one today a couple times.  The image below is from Aesopian’s website, so hopefully he doesn’t smash my site, sue, or kick my ass for copyright infringement.

I think I’ll pack this move in my bag of tricks for Boise!


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