Jiu Jitsu Technique Checkers

Today, I got my ass beat by guys that have way less mat time than me.  First, my buddy Blake reminded me to not leave one arm behind when I’m in his guard by hitting a beautiful shoulder crank. (Tap! Tap! Tap!)

My second reminder came from my instructor Corey, as he told me to not leave my arm behind while I was in my buddy Justin’s guard.  I listened, retracted my arm, and promptly put it back again.  Justin pounced and reminded me a third time not to do this by slapping on a figure four choke (triangle choke for the rest of the world). (Tap! Tap! Tap!)

I guess I’m one of those dumb asses that have to touch the hot stove a few times before I learn that son of a bitch is hot!  To my jiu jitsu technique checkers: Blake, Corey, and Justin.  Thanks… I think.

I’ll go on record here and say I will NOT leave my arm behind while in somebody’s guard at the tournament in Boise!


3 thoughts on “Jiu Jitsu Technique Checkers

  1. Ha, but if I could have remembered not to give up my arm the second time we rolled. You served up some swift revenge!

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