You Are What You Eat

…and this weekend I ate an eighth grader’s body weight in deep fried, Crisco coated, caramelized, candied cakes.  I tipped the scales at a very soft 211, and was sluggish all day.  My joints are giving me perpetual reminders that I weigh too much, and my training partners reminded me of this by rolling my pudgy ass around the mats all day.  You are what you eat, indeed.

I need to weigh 190 by April 24th, because that’s the date of the second annual Northwest Submission Challenge!  Last year, I started cutting four weeks out, and I was weighing only 200 at that point.  If I don’t turn things around today, there is no way I’m making weight.  I’ll be stuck competing with the big dudes, and at a higher skill level than last year.

My plan is to allow myself one to two cheat meals per week for the next three weeks.  If all goes well, I should be just above 200 at about three weeks out.  Back in the saddle, baby!


5 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat

  1. Look Jeff, I will give you Three reasons why you should just accept fate and not cut weight.
    1. Look at me, I eat what I want, and make weight everytime. Granted I’m in the Ultra Heavy Weight divsion, but its not so bad once you relize that a six pack is not everything, unless it is a six pack of Dos Equis.
    2. In the Heavy Weight Division grapplers have no conditioning, so you are already one up.
    3. Your creepy grappling socks will be enough to get the mental edge on anybody in the Heavy Weight Division.

    Do whats right Jeff, for the sport and yourself.

  2. First of all, you’re a DragonEagle! Stop doubting yourself! Who gives a s@%t what you eat, so long as you’re willing to put the time in at the gym? Think about all of the large, lard-laced, lavishing and loaded poisons I shove down my throat every day. The one advantage I have over you is my willingness to bust my ass in the gym in an effort to both maintain my girlish figure, while indulging in my gluttonous fantasies. The point of any competition, BJJ or otherwise, is to walk away with the “W”. Win or Lose…THAT’S IT! Which, by the way, is so much sweeter when your tossing around scant, shoestring underlings. Do you think Conan gave a s#%t about any of this nonsense? Answer: HELL NO! Let’s refer to a memorable Conan quote…”Crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.” I don’t see a damn bit of whining in there about cutting weight and worrying about eating habits. Pull it the f#%k together DragonEagle! You’ll make the weight and crush those little pukes in the 190s.

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