Lost Without Wife

My wife’s been out of town for a few days now.  Aside from missing her company, being bored, and having a hot woman to ogle, I’ve noticed other symptoms of her absence.

Things are dirty.

The sheets on the bed are twisted incomprehensibly.

The poodles are scruffy and stinky.

I’m scruffy and stinky.

The damn WALLS are scruffy and stinky.

Dishes are piling up.

Laundry is piling on top of the dishes.

Garbage is piling on top of the laundry.

Beetles are feeding on the garbage.

I’m feeding on beetles.

The dogs are feeding on me.

Something has to give.  Wednesday night can’t come soon enough.  Look at my damn house; it’s been four days!



5 thoughts on “Lost Without Wife

  1. So typical!!! Men are lost without women!! Sounds like you have an amazing wife that that takes care of everything!! You really need to fix the scruffy and stinky part though, being as how you have to teach that to young men on a daily basis!! hahahaha

  2. Hahaha oh my gosh dude that’s a pretty epic blog. I love the garbage piling on the dishes and you feeding on the beetles.

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