Killer J and the Seven Deadly Sins of Jiu-Jitsu

Westside Jiu-Jitsu owner, Mark, came up with the Seven Deadly Sins of Jiu-Jitsu. For a detailed description, click the link and go to his blog.

In short, they are:

  1. Giving up your back.
  2. Being too proud to tap.
  3. Freaking out when you get frustrated.
  4. Being malicious.
  5. Muscling.
  6. Going too fast.
  7. Bragging.

I’ve probably been guilty of all of these at some point, but I definitely commit some sins more than others (see sins 3, 5, and 6).  A few weeks back, I unwittingly prompted Mark to come up with the list by committing the third sin.  One of the purple belts, Chris, had mount or something and apparently I flailed around like a seizure victim trying to escape.  Thus, the list of sins was born.  It’s a pretty unfortunate way to contribute to jiu jitsu knowledge, but to hell with it.   Some poor sap had to screw up enough to generate the original Cardinal Sins, so I guess I’m just doing my part.

The point I’m trying to get to is Miles (another Dragon Eagle/friend) had cross body on me.  Mark took note of my apparent composure, and complimented me on it.  I didn’t commit sin 3!  The problem, however, is Mark’s compliment was delivered not 10 seconds after Miles pulled some ninja shit and choked me out.

Baby steps, I guess.


5 thoughts on “Killer J and the Seven Deadly Sins of Jiu-Jitsu

  1. Great post. Its all true. One step at a time. And who doesn’t want to freak out with Miles or Mark on top of you. Miles tapped me 3 times in a row that night so don’t feel bad.

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